Why Are There SO Many Atlantis TV Shows?

Atlantis – A Myth to Cover-up Our Roots:

We have seen Troy and the Hyksos Sea People were A-Mu in the time of Troy III, and we know that ‘A’ in Greek reverses the meaning of a word when used as a prefix; this adds another possibility to the issue of who the Hyksos were and whether the Phoenician ‘Brotherhood’ was still the main purpose of these people at this time. The civilization of Mu or Lemuria (‘the Mu people’, in French) had gone to a watery grave during the end of the last glacial stage. The Chinese word for grave or perhaps the end of Mu in another context is ‘Mu’, with another of those pesky accents that I especially deplore when typing. Thus A-Mu might mean ‘not in the grave’ or ‘not dead’. Or was this an indicator that the Royal House of Mu (in far off Peru at this time, or watching Peru from Mayan lands) was re-asserting itself? Demanding more of the spoils of the drug trade that modern forensics (Balabanova) has proven was in the Mediterranean, with Peru’s unique coca plant providing great profit and control.

The archaeological record has not settled who the combatants in this Trojan War really were and where the 19 battles were; anymore than we know for a fact where Punt and Kush or even Mt. Sinai of the Bible really was. We have constructed a good guess that combines recent archaeology and the nuraghi of the Shardana, as well as Ashkelon and Sybaris ‘finds’. They join all the many things that archaeology has provided. The Hittites were Kelts and so were the descendants and/or Hatti ancestors of Sargon – Phoenicians (followers of Finn and the Fianna of Ireland). The record makes it clear it was more than just a battle in Ionia and the four hundred year Dark Ages that followed may well have something to do with a cessation of trade with places like the Americas. The walls of Jericho came down in the same year the walls of Miletus (the all important sons of ML or Mil) fell. It was 1200 B.C. per the archaeological record. The evidence for much of history as we have been taught it is pretty much limited to propagandists, and the Egyptologists quoted in National Geographic’s April 2001 article by Rick Gore on the ‘Pharaohs of the Sun’ correctly say anyone writing about Egypt is writing fiction at this time.

My research has continued to find support for MacDari in many meaningful ways but I can’t say I am certain Ogham is the original language even though Marshack’s lunar calendar and notations dated to 15 – 30,000 years ago in Iberian Spain are good evidence. Chanting and other spiritual art and symbols certainly pre-date any Kelt with the Haplogroup X genetic marker of this same time frame. The Mungo Man was not known to me when I got deeply involved in this exploration. This small hominid was thoroughly modern almost twice as long ago as Homo Sapiens sapiens. These people found in Australia may well have taught the Phoenicians a great deal and they may have been the pygmies who worked in the Upper Mississippi copper mines with their Phoenician ‘brothers’. Barry Fell traces the skeletal remains of the pygmies of this North American region and the Mound Builders to S.E. Asia. They were more valuable than a ship load of gold in the court of Hatschepsut the Egyptian Pharaoh Queen of the pre-Trojan War era who is likely Hyksos herself.

This letter ‘m’ (Found in the Urumchi or Altaic regions near Ulan Bator which Col. Churchward said was a major Mu site.) and ‘Mu’ might show an Asian root but I recently found words from Lao Tzu to make me wonder. The “Brotherhood” was worldwide and I find exciting evidence almost every week to confirm it. Huna is the language of Hawaii where the Kahuna are able to walk on molten lava. Their knowledge is Druidic and a person who should know told me the last true Druids are there. Here we see the goddess ‘An’ or ‘Anu’ and the government and social norm is very egalitarian to this day. Reversing of Anu and adding the aspirant ‘H’ would tell us something if we cared to be speculative. This language was just made into an alphabet by Max Freedom Long in the last few decades. It is very spiritual and able to create Pineal ‘buzz’ and spiritual attunement just as chanting will achieve. Who can say how soon hominids began to dance and sing or chant? Perhaps even before we were hominid, just as we learned about what food was edible like animals including your pets know.

But no member of the elite club or ‘Gods of Archaeology’ will be seen writing about the existence of Mu and few even broach Atlantis in the last century. The facts are now over-whelming and we cannot provide them all in one book or even ten. There is an archaeological team in Tiahuanaco/Titicaca finally going underwater to look at Puma Puncu or whatever the fisherman have been tying their boats to for millennia. The canals here are like the ones in Pohnpei of the Pacific except they are miles above sea level. Recent research says the Pyramids of Caral are a century older than the ones in Giza but we’ll see that is questionable when we look more closely at Giza. We have mentioned the new site off the westernmost tip of Cuba that might have Luwian script of Cretan origin. All these sites are part of the worldwide civilization(s). All of them are more important than Thera. Yonaguni near Japan is now joined by another megalithic site nearby. It has a large human head in stone. Yonaguni could be 17,000 years old or as little as 7,000 but it hasn’t been reported on in North America. This TV program did mention Cayce and Bimini but it didn’t include the Bahamas or the excellent work of Andrew Collins that connects these to Cuba. I hear another TV program has done that recently.

Zimbabwe has similar stonework to the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland and the motif in Zimbabwe looks a lot like the Greek symbol of jagged lines. Peru’s flag includes a similar motif. The Zimbabwean wall may relate to the mines of Namihiacl dated to 45,000 years ago, which are located nearby, and the White Lady of Brandberg in her Minoan garb is there too. Who are the Tamils and Ainu related to? In fact the mere suggestion that there is any one site for Atlantis is part of the continuation of the Flat Earth pedagogy of the Catholic inspired Dark Ages and Inquisitions. Just ask Galileo how close he came to being burned if he wouldn’t go along with the Monsters. These monsters are not at the edge of the earth – they still control it! Pope John Paul II is a good man who has done the right thing when he apologized for nearly 2000 years of “heinous acts” in 1999. He asks for “forgiveness and renewal” while no woman priest or bishop exists in his foul domain that sees them admitting they helped the Nazis get out of Germany to take over South America (Chomsky’s general comment). They talk out of both sides of their orifices simultaneously. After they were forced to admit the Pope who never ex-communicated Hitler was involved in this Underground Railroad to South America they wrote a book making him appear to have saved Jews from concentration camps. It is all far too much to stomach, for me. Why aren’t they taxed and who ever gave sovereign nations the right to make it so women can’t be educated?

The egalitarian Kelts continued to support and enable their women in places like Ireland and the Romuva of Poland/Lithuania long after the Council of Carthage in 397 A.D. that formalized the scapegoating of women in this ugly monster that has perpetrated the most heinous acts known to man. They knew how to stop the plague but saw it ‘fit’ their ‘sins and demons’ feudal power grab. See the work of William of Rubruck as he visited The Khan in his Altaic region and saw them quarantine and clean after Marmots or black rats were in the area. It is now known this plague happened in cycles over many millennia. Paracelsus cured the town of Stertzing, Austria in 1524 while the North America remnants of the “Brotherhood” were dying by the millions. Why do cancer cures of long standing like pig’s pancreases, or Wilhelm Reich’s “orgone” energy go into the same flames that saw books burned at Kristallnacht? History is still repeating itself.

I think we can see the Mu Royal Family escutcheon on the cheek of the mummy we see with the red hair from the Tarim Basin. What does this mean? Was the Mu Royal family “Red Heads” too; just as those burned and winnowed to the wind at the graves of Osiris and other gods of similar origin throughout the Mediterranean during the Hyksos period (see Frazer’s Golden Bough and the reports of Plutarch and others.)? Churchward said the white man came to Europe from North America’s Mayax. In Prehistoric Worldwide Import of the Great Lakes we showed the Mississippi was the backbone of the ore trade. It was the most pure and empowering potential weapon or tool for the “Brotherhood” for many millennia. This nearly universal symbol of the sun with four primary forces has the added four secondary forces.

But what was the real insight Churchward drew his knowledge from and why have many of his factual representations been unverifiable? Even more importantly is the question of why his observations have borne such verifiable later proof; if he got his insight from the record of Lhasa who may appear as a king at the time of Solomon in South America. All the books of Churchward’s research are not hidden in some Tibetan monastery. The zealous destruction of libraries like the Alexandrian one protected by the Gnostic Gaedhils whose ‘brothers’ in Ireland saw St. Patrick personally burn over 150 hand drawn books at places like Bangor is unforgivable. It is here that many early Christian saints were educated. It could also be a tattoo drawn on this person’s face to signify death and prepare him for the afterlife where Mu now resides.

Now that we know humanity has been here for millions more years than we thought just a couple of years ago – will historians stop the cave man crap? Neolithic civilization was not ‘primitive’ or any more barbaric than the Roman Arena. Churchward is vindicated in his S. E. Asian Pacific culture even though the continent didn’t exist. The land was inundated and the Yonaguni, Pohnpei and other artifacts of such a civilization do exist. The Flores Island artifacts of human hunting from 825,000 years ago greatly buffet his assertions as does the Mungo Man. No other archaeologist or historian has been able to find as much subsequent proof to support their theory, to my knowledge. However, he did not have all the facts we have today. Maybe the scholars who deny the existence of Yonaguni, or won’t consider the Tiahuanaco precision earthquake resistant stonework that seems poured in place to make angles. Maybe they are right and I am stupid. I see no way to make sense of their history when I view the facts. I do know anything is possible and I will continue to see what it is they are saying beyond “Europe is the Best and the Bible is the truth.”

When I read Francis Fukayama’s ‘The End of History and The Last Man’, I was shocked. To see a U.S. Policy Deputy who has moved up the ladder to the ‘think tanks’ talk about absolute religions. His open and forthright presentation bears the scrutiny of any intellectual and most average scholars would find it well-reasoned. It boils down to the same neo-Platonic ‘top-down’ Machiavellian management of people with little or no concern for empowerment of the soul and people. His title is ironic. We might well be facing just what it says. You must experience rage or revulsion. We all must act to throw out the nobility and bureaucrats who believe man can’t aspire to the heavens and conquer inner space. This ethic of Brotherhood and the immortality of the soul was central to the Keltic Creed and the Indians (blood ‘brothers’) who counted coup to show their skill and respect for life. Machiavelli stated the nobles should appeal to the basest urges of humanity. They have done this by fostering a ‘trickle down’ competitive Malthusian model of negativity called global materialism. Creative use of resources would make all people including the very rich – richer by far! We don’t need interpreters for god – she is inside all things and especially the human soul.

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