Where Does Zac Efron Live and What Kind of Family Does He Have

Despite his stardom, this poster boy had a very normal childhood. They belong to the middle class family in California. He is family-oriented and is very close to his brother Dylan. Their ancestors are Jewish but he claims to be agnostic.

He definitely knew how to balance school and fun because he still got straight A’s even if he is also the class clown. He took up singing and acting lessons when he was 11 years old because of his father’s encouragement. This paved way for his talent to be recognized. He then started performing at local theatres, some of which are Peter Pan, Little Shop of Horrors, and The Music Man. He signed on to the Creative Arts Agency which opened a lot of other opportunities for him.

He continued to dominate the TV in 2002 by making guest appearances on shows like The Guardian, ER, CSI-Miami, and The Replacements. In 2003, he made a drama series and was nominated in Young Artist Awards for the Best Supporting Actor Performance in a TV Movie. His biggest break was due to the High School Musical mania in 2006. His relationship with co-star Vanessa Hudgens added up to his instant fame.

This poster boy for tweenyboppers wil continue to soar the business with his two upcoming movies Me and Orson Welles as well as the remake of Footloose. Fans await his rumored engagement with Vanessa Hudgens. Where does Zac Efron live by then? He might as well move in with his girlfriend Vanessa but if that will hurt his fans, let’s just say Zac Efron will forever live in our hearts. Fair enough?

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