Vocational Training – The Need of the Hour

All of us had heard the word ‘education’ and in the world of jobs, recruitment, and employment, another word which catches the eye is ‘vocational education and training.’ Its main aim is to develop skill among the already existing manpower so that it fulfills the requirements of unorganized sector. In office jobs, vocational training may consist of typewriting, stenography, library assistant while the practical, manual and mechanical jobs consist of architectural draughtsman ship, technician related to electrical, electronics and plumbing etc.

Education is necessary to an individual. There are some basic concepts which every individual must learn to live like a human being as well there are certain subjects which an individual selects according to his interest in order to make a living. The individuals who want to work in an office based environment may opt for finance, computer administration, animation where as the other who is technically inclined may opt for mechanical, electrical and aeronautical engineering.

All the jobs in the world cannot be done by a person who has finished a degree in an office based environment. There are several jobs like plumbing, construction which requires an individual to be specifically trained in that particular field so that the job is perfectly completed. There are many institutes which provide training to students all over the world. Even working persons can join this course as well as select the timings which are convenient to them. Some of the courses do not need a tutor present and the students who opt for such courses can study online. For the courses which need practical training, they are provided at the weekends where as the study material is provided online or it can be downloaded from the websites.

There are some courses which when completed, the students can apply for internships for which stipend are provided. This particular practice gives them hands-on experience, motivation and also serves as a boon for the financially weaker students. It is advisable to get training in an institute which is recognized by the State. Also before joining, it is better to check the curriculum of a particular course in order to determine whether the latest developments in technology have been included.

Even companies all over the world have taken notice and provide skilled training to their employees to improve the efficiency and number of skilled workers in their organization. The European Union has laid out plans of training and co-operation among its members. This plan can greatly facilitate the process of learning, training from experienced professionals and the individuals completing these courses can search for job placement in other countries.

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