Universal Audio Solo 610

Bill Putman, often referred to as “the father of modern recording as we know it today” built his first recording console around 1950.

Putman was a music producer, recording engineer, and record company owner who worked with some of the biggest names in the music business.

In the early 50’s he built his home-made recording console which featured the first ever 8-track experiments with a signal-to-noise ratio of 30dB which was just unheard of at the time.

This custom built console had rotary faders, 12 inputs, preamps and dedicated echo sends. Putnam’s console is the precursor to the Universal audio 610 and whatever console anybody’s using today! He invented the modern recording console – the way we use cue sends, echo returns, multi-track switching.

Universal Audio’s products have a real “soulful” connection to the past.

Universal was indeed the name of Bill Putman’s recording company. Today, Universal Audio is a company owned and ran by Putnam’s two sons, Jim and Bill Jr. Their desire is to “reproduce classic analog recording equipment designed by their dad and his colleages” and to basically research and build new recording tools in the spirit of vintage analog technology.

The Universal Audio Solo 610

A beautiful piece of equipment! Universal Audio has done a great job in getting this to emulate the famous Putnam 610 recording console. With only 2 big rotary knobs that look reminiscent to the original Putnam 610 and 5 position switches.

The two best words to describe it’s most important characteristics are WARM and FULL. You’ll be able to juice up any channel for bass, guitar, and it’s signature vocal sound like the original Putnam 610 that recorded countless artists from Muddy Waters to Frank Sinatra.

The SOLO 610 is an all-tube single channel pre-amp in a DI box. Universal Audio is known for it’s solidly built audiophile components.

• Mic and DI inputs

• Thru output

• Gain, Level, and impedance selection

• Gain Shape switch

• Mic/Line level output switch

• 48V phantom power

• Lo Cut filter

• Phase reverse

• Ground lift

• Rugged steel chassis construction

• Hand-assembled by Universal Audio in the USA

UA has several higher end products but the Universal Audio Solo 610 comes in at just under $800, perfect for smaller recording studios to get some quality vintage analog sound. Let’s face it, as we sit in our studios most of us are surrounded entirely by digital recording gear.

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