The Princess and The Frog Review – Movie Magic for Kids and Adults Alike!

The Princess and the Frog is a feature length animated film produced in by the Walt Disney Company. The movie was highly anticipated and celebrated as the first Disney film to feature an African American – or even just American – princess; however, there are numerous reasons why adults and children alike are falling in love with this piece of cinema. According to movie reviews by viewers, one of the most loved aspects of the film that is most enjoyed is its spectacular animation. Disney cartoon engineers decided to return to its roots by having the animation, for the most part, created by hand, rather than through CGI animation as is commonly used in cartoons nowadays. Many adults are pleased that this animation style of the film allows its visuals to have a softer, more romantic, classic Disney feel.

The cast of characters featured in The Princess and the Frog have also received high amounts of praise. Princess Tiana has been praised as an ideal role model for young girls, because of her headstrong, goal oriented, and independent spirit. The cast of engaging supporting characters is particularly enjoyable for audiences. From Tiana’s best friend, Charlotte, to a Cajun firefly named Ray, they almost steal the show for themselves. Keith David, in particular, has also drawn strong reviews for his role as Dr. Facilier. His character has been described as one who combines the elements of Jafar, from Aladdin, with the character of Oogie Boogie, from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Likewise, many viewers also appreciate the historically rich setting of the film, New Orleans in the 1920’s. Rather than gloss over the historical injustices of the time period, Princess Tiana’s life is depicted in a tasteful manner that would have been accurate for the time period, and appropriate for viewing for children.

Despite her family’s poverty, it has also been shown that Princess Tiana comes from a happy and loving home life, and aspires to create a successful life for herself through her restaurant. Set in New Orleans, voodoo, or black magic, also appears in the film. In the instances in the film where voodoo is shown being used for personal gain, it backfires tremendously on the individual, imparting a lesson to children that by only hard work, diligence, and patience can we make our dreams come true.

If your daughter loves to sing, you will be pleased to learn that The Princess and the Frog soundtrack has also received sound reviews. Some of the favorite tracks are “Never Knew I Needed” and “Almost There,” sung by lead actress Anika Noni Rose herself. The styling of the songs ranges from Gospel to Jazz to Blues, which were all popular in Louisiana around this time period. Additionally, you can rest assured that these tracks are also kid-friendly for an impromptu sing-along with your children.

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