Tattoos and Celebrities

Over the years tattoos have caught rage with Hollywood celebrities to such an extent that more than these stars their tattoos are getting more attention. One of the biggest stars who carry tattoos with élan is Angelina Jolie and has been know to wear a number of tattoos all around her body. She has been known to wear Thai tiger, tribal dragon and a number of Latin verses on her arms and shoulders.

The trend of tattoos started catching up with Hollywood celebrities in the sixties and as far as I can remember Janis Joplin was one of the first celebrities who got tattooed by Lyle Tuttle who is considered to be the forefather of American tattooing. Even one of the sexiest celebrities on Earth Johnny Depp has been known to sport tattoo on his arms which a number of fans have emulated. David Beckham too is known for his love for tattoos and has been caught sporting a range of tattoos both on and off the field with the likes of Hindu scriptures too appearing on his body.

Even rock bands have been found to sport tattoos giving a further push to the popularity of this art. If you love Red Hot Chilli Peppers then you would probably even love the tattoos which they have been sporting over the years. Other stars such as Pharrel, 50 cents and Justin Timberlake too have been sporting tattoos as a tool for expression.

You can probably consider celebrities as unofficial brand ambassador for tattoos. They surely have highlighted the art of tattoo in good light making it one of the most asked for art in the industry. You will find a number of fans emulating the tattoos worn by their favorite stars and this in itself will make you realize that this art will only gain further popularity in the years to come.

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