Psychic TV Shows Exposed

Have you ever watched a TV show and wondered if the psychic and paranormal activity is real, camera tricks or just a hoax for entertainment value only?

Many of us have. While obvious dram’s are just that, some shows claim to be streaming ‘real genuine paranormal ability’. How do we know if this is true?

Of course I cannot say with any more accuracy than anyone else that all of them are genuine, but having been invited to be behind the scenes on a few I can give you some idea of what I have witnessed personally.

I witnessed some 8 shows being made from behind the scenes for UK TV. What impressed me about the show was the length that they went to to ensure no trickery was possible. They decided to test many popular psychics (those whom they could persuade to appear, in a competition like format. Those with claimed psychic abilities were assembled and contended against each other in an attempt to prove they were genuine and authentic gifted with paranormal gifts such as E.S.P. The TV show gathered a mix of psychics, astrologers, clairvoyants, aura and tarot readers together. Who by various methods including psychometry, Tarot cards, astrology data, were given one piece of relevant data to enable them to see how much detail they could provide by paranormal means alone on a mystery guest.

I was impressed by the effort that the crew put in to ensure it was a valid test. The psychics were picked up in the early hours of the morning before filming and taken to the very basement of a studio, with no TV, no newspapers, mobile phones or internet. They were each assigned an unknown crew members to accompany them the entire time they were at the studio with a security guard over seeing the room in which they were kept. They were not even able to go to the bathroom alone! Additionally, several well known and respected members of the British press were around the entire time to ensure and attest to ‘fair play’ and they had access all areas to make double sure no camera tricks or crew were enabling any cheating.

The psychics were given one appropriate piece on info or contact in one form or another. The astrologers were merely given the ‘mystery guests’ date of birth, the taror readers were placed in a room with the guest cloaked head to foot in robes with their faces covered and able to ask the ‘guest’ to caut the Tarot cards. The psychics versed in psychometry (the ability to hold an object once owned or held by the guest and pick up information on a psychic level from the object, often metal) were simply placed in a room with a researcher given a key, watch, or in one case simply a shoelace and had 30 minutes to tell the researcher and camera exactly what information they could pick up about the mystery guest. Then the show was made right away and all the info given.

Now as you might expect (either because they were simply not genuine, very good or extremely nervous many psychics performed poorly. However a handful did not. One psychic who used psychometry produced fact after fact about the mystery guest that was proven and confirmed by the person themselves to be totally accurate. The psychic after holding an object even spoke the persons first name and a snippet of information only known by the guest themselves that they swore they had never revealed to another living soul!

Next time you see a TV show about psychics, don’t assume that it’s staged without finding out how it was made.

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