Pros and Cons for Animatronics and Props Revolution

Movie making is witnessing a revolution in the field of animations and props. Animation is an old procedure which refers to the effects that are added to the characters moving in front of a camera. Along with the computer new technologies, the great revolution in media and sound equipments and the rapid development in the industrial field; a new expression, Animatronics was born. Each of the three factors shares the responsibility for this birth while the computer has the main role in many animatronics’ shots. Its unlimited programs accompany the shot make from the very beginning starting at the idea which also sometimes is a hint from a computer program.

The drawing of the character’s sketch and outlines implies one of the tens of genius programs specialized at the drawing art. After the sketches have been finalized, the on earth action takes place. Here comes the role of the industry which includes choosing the right materials for the character to be made of. Interference from the computer comes through adding some imaginary props to the scene such as the background. The character’s animation and sound effects are also applied to the scene.

A combination between animation and electronics allows the movie makers to produce unlimited imaginary creatures and incredible near to real characters. As you watch a movie about the dinosaurs, for instance, you may come at a point that you forget your information about these creatures and believe that they are real.

Animatronics and props like any other technology in our daily life, has good points and also bad ones. The advantages include some of the following points:

  • Animatronics made the movie making easier and more productive, and so it became a prosperous industry that attracts various specializations such as designers and technicians who mean that new job opportunities were created.
  • Movies became more interesting and a source of joy.
  • Animatronics added a lot to the educational sector through illustrating programs.
  • Nevertheless, the new technology has many bad effects such as:
  • It flooded our world with a lot of similar copy and paste movies and other media who ruined the taste of good work and produced generations with bad taste. You can hardly find a single creative art work in this field.
  • The loss of good taste is also accompanied with the loss of original natural work. Many people still sigh for the old days of cinema and TV as well

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