Promoting Your Music at Amazon

I remember a while back reading David Nevue’s book, “How to Successfully Promote Your Music the the Internet”. In it he threw out a cool suggestion for increasing the searchability of your band.

His suggestion was to write a review of CDs that you feel are similar to your style of music or CDs that inspired your music. The idea is if you promote traffic to this webpage, visitors will also see a review of your band, and check out your music.

I loved that idea so much that I was psyched when I learned a very simple and similar promotional idea on Here’s what you have to do:

First, you need to sell your CD on OR at the very least offer a free MP3 in their Digital Music Network.

Second, do a search for a band or album similar to yours. In my case, my group, the Brobdingnagian Bards, released a CD inspired by the Lord of the Rings. So I went over to the “Fellowship of the Ring” soundtrack.

Third, scroll down and you’ll see either a link that says,

“Recommend an item!”

or a box that has

“I recommend ___ in addition/instead of this album.”

Fourth, grab the ASIN from your webpage. (The ASIN is the 10 character code listed in the Produce Details). All you have to do is insert you ASIN into this blank to make your recommendation.

Your music is now linked to the artist you consider yourself similar to. The beauty of this promotional idea is that it all takes place in the Amazon shopping environment.

This means, more than likely, they’ll go straight to your Amazon page. They’ll read about your album. They’ll listen to your MP3s. And hopefully, they will buy an album, and/or hunt down your band’s website where you’ll earn a new fan.

PS. The 2004 Edition of “How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet” by David Nevue is now available.

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