New Yard Tool Needed To Help Move Small Amounts of Water Around

Water is a precious commodity even when it is raining and pouring outside. Tell me this, have you ever had to add water to your pool because evaporation had taken too much out? You are not alone, and it is amazing how much water evaporates over time even out of something as small as a Jacuzzi. Still, it is amazing how much water we inadvertently waste, water we shouldn't be wasting at all. For instance, consider how much water comes off your home when it rains, or how much water you expend doing something simple like washing one of your cars.

I'd like to propose a new yard tool, one which would help move water quite easily from one place to another inside of a hose. The system could be placed between two hoses in a "T" formation. At the "T" would be a handle with a pump. This would cause the water to suck forward from one hose to the other. If you had a 55 gallon drum set on the ground below the down spout of your rain gutter on the side of your home, then you could put one hose into the barrel and hook the other end to your "T" pump, and start pumping as if it were a bicycle pump which would cause the water to siphon to that point, and into the secondary hose.

Once the water started to flow, you could put that into your pool to fill it back up with water, or into a bucket to help you wash the car, or even onto a small lawn sprinkler type soaker hose. How much could we charge for such a small yard tool? I believe people would buy one of these for $ 19.95 and they would gladly purchase this at an Ace Hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowe's. Or, perhaps they would like the novelty of it all and they would buy it online, or on one of those TV shows, you know the ones; "but if they order today they could get free Ginsu knives, plus shipping and handling."

Such a simple tool would make people think about ways that they could save water, or move unused water that has puddled to other places such as potted plants. There's no reason to waste water, and such a simple yard tool, such a simple piece of yard equipment would be just the ticket. Indeed, if you have similar ideas and innovations, I'd sure like to talk. Perhaps you might please consider this innovation, and a way to engineer it so it would work efficient way. Think on it.

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