Looking at Rock Climbing Movies

There have been numerous attempts by Hollywood to make movies that depict climbing in all of its glory. Many say they have failed miserably, while others find some of Hollywood’s attempts at climbing movies to be quite successful. Climbing movies can leave you breathless and entertained, even if they don’t always portray the correct lingo, use of gear and technical aspects of the sport.

Some of the best climbing movies that ever came out of Hollywood includes:

· Take It To The Limit which really inspires one to get out there and go top roping

· K2 shows that some real research went before the filming. It gives a great sense of the intensity of climbing

· The Eiger Sanction touted as being the best climbing related movie to ever come out of Hollywood

· Cliffhanger although not technically accurate and it was indeed one of the most widely viewed mainstream rock climbing movies.

Typically speaking, the majority of climbing movies are more about suspense and entertainment than they are about the reality and technicality involved with rock climbing. However we do need to give credit where credit is due. Some of these inaccurate depictions of the sport have certainly helped to increase the numbers of people inspired to take up climbing.

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from technical instruction, but rather from the excitement and thrill of seeing the exhilaration of those on screen. Hollywood has certainly managed to increase climbing enthusiasm and it definitely has shown millions the thrill and passion of those that participate.

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