Life – An Oscillation Between Commotion And Serenity

Human’s existence, progress and propagation have its own volatility. Commotion and serenity compel all of us to meditate in a meaningful manner. What transpires and conspires within and outside the mental sphere of an individual needs to contemplate. Human volatility can be constrained provided sensibility prevails. One factor of volatility is commotion generating undesirable outcome. Generally speaking, the root cause of commotion is insignificant. Nevertheless, it makes a disturbance in and around. If we do not pacify the differences in the group or among people worried, and so it contributes to total chaos. At this occasion, the only element which creates harmony is pacification among disturbed people.

Breaking down the commotion will reveal that the degree of neurotransmitter within the brain becomes off-balance. Hence, it calls for a correction to alter the imbalance to restore normalcy in humans. In simplification, one call for serenity to prevail to become contained and framed. Christopher Bergland is a renowned world-class endurance athletic coach says, “This biological design is generous, but lies dormant in many.” It implies we need to explore and execute in the correct way to achieve bliss and felicity.

The word serenity stretches in different direction covering vast regions of imaging. Nevertheless, Johnny Miller is an English film, television and theatre actor appropriately said that Serenity was knowing that your worst shot is even reasonably full. He arrived at a subtle and profound statement which is outstanding by itself. The life is oscillating between commotion and serenity when feelings and mental deliberation contemplate.

An inquisitive mind always wants reasons and deliberations to see why in the first instance it finds. At the outset, commotion and serenity are like hand and baseball mitts. It is shown that whatever conflict or commotion wreak havoc. It is likewise a fact, as mentioned by scholars that human beings are trained to protect themselves. Scientists have enlightened us that we have two amygdala (It acts an important function in motivation and emotional behavior), one along each side of the head, behind the eyes and the ocular nerves. Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, in his book ‘The Body Keeps the Score‘, calls this the brains “smoke detector.” It is responsible for detecting fear and preparing our body for an emergency reaction.”

Human organisms are hardwired subconsciously to certain preconceived ideas due to our environmental rituals and practices., As we remained attached within the similar living and thinking pattern then we develop stagnant intelligence. The logical doctrine and facts and phenomenon get relegated, and ritual takes precedence over our lifetimes. These rituals if devoid of values, then it is meaningless and superstition become part of our animation. Nonetheless, if sense and sensibility prevail, after it becomes a bliss and felicity.

It is at once obvious that people turn the victim of circumstances. They fall prey to gossip and hearsay rather than presenting a second thought to the happenings around them. This is the important juncture where commotion takes a quantum leap and disturbed the peace of mind. The opposite can happen provided people remained calm and composed. The major hurdle is the deficiency of sound interaction and fruitful discourse. Social gathering among families and neighbors will pave the path for greater discernment and humility. Tallying up the argument is to build up a habit of forgiving others and ignoring trivial issues.

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