ISoftware TV Review – is ISoftwareTV Download a Scam?

More people are searching for a way to watch television channels on their computers through the internet today. Recently, a new piece of software called ISoftware TV claims that it can provide users the ability to watch television through the internet, but is it a scam? I certainly thought that it looked like one, given how little information the site provided about the software. I eventually downloaded the software to see if the claims made on the site were true.

1. What Types of Channels Can You Watch With This Software?

I found many international as well as local channels in this program. Some of my favorite that I watch most of the time are ESPN, EuroSports, HBO, MTV, MSNBC and CNN. There are also thousands more than I have not tried yet.

Another thing about the channels I noticed is that many of them have less restrictions on their content. For example, you can watch an Iranian Channel where you will get an uncensored view of the Iraq war and the Arabic perspective on the situation. It has certainly opened my eyes to a new TV world.

2. Why I Love Using ISoftware TV Now

One big benefit for me is its portability. Since I have it installed on my notebook PC, I can watch live sports games, TV shows, movies or news channels at home as well as any public place with a wireless internet connection. Now I don’t have to miss watching my favorite programs TV programs while I am busy with work.

Another benefit is that it saves up more of my monthly expenses. I have reduced the amount of monthly TV subscription fees that I used to pay. Lastly, I get to surf the web and watch TV channels at the same time which I find very enjoyable.

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