Interesting Information Regarding Japanese Pokemon Figures

Have you ever thought about colleting Japanese Pokemon figures? I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t heard of Pokemon, but if not, Satoshi Tajiri created it in 1996 as a video game. Currently, it is the second most profitable media franchise based on a video game and owned by Nintendo.

There are numerous Pokemon collectible figures based on the characters found in the video game. Many toys, trading cards, bags and other products are in the market based on this video game. Over 400 different characters are currently being marketed.

Do you collect figures as a hobby? But, if you are a Pokemon fan, you may want to try it. Even if you do not, think of the possible future investment.

Some of the Pokemon figures are very rare. These are mostly the Japanese ones that are not sold in the USA or Europe.Therefore, there might be certain people who would pay a lot more to get their hands on these rare figures. Apart from the possible investment for future sale, you might simply enjoy the chase for certain figures to add to your collection. Since there are numerous characters, simply choose one particular series.

There are quite a few different kinds collectible figures. Older ones like Bandai Battle Museum series or Bandai Full Color Advance series are very difficult to find. As well as newer ones like “Get”, Chupa pop surprise, Zukan 1/40 scale, Bottle cap, Keshipoke, Pokemon kids, Takaratomy 2″, and of course action figure of all sizes.

Currently, some of the rare Pokemon figures are less expensive than action figures for movies like Star Wars, mainly due to the fact that Star Wars is much older, but that could easily change due to the Pokemon craze. Although, You can buy cheap figures but they might not be original ones. Therefore, you may not be able to sell them later.

In comparison to retail shops, it might be cheaper to buy Japanese Pokemon figures through the internet. Although you always run the risk of getting knockoffs or counterfeit figures.

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