Indian Music Industry Is Gaining Popularity Over the Hollywood Music Industry

The music industry has gained a rich popularity all over the world in a short time span. In the recent past the said industry had been considered valuable and the singers have been given the honor in the European countries only. But in the present time, said industries of the eastern countries have also got the fame e.g. the Indian industry. The Indian industry has been considered the number two music industry of the world after the Hollywood. A lot of music companies are working in the India and there are also a lot of singers who sang the songs by taking a big amount of money as their remuneration of singing.

Music has been considered as the food of the soul that is why all the people of the world like to hear the songs in their homes as well as in cars. Moreover, the Indian melody industry is gaining popularity over the Hollywood as some expert musicians are also working for producing the music to the Hollywood movies. One of the best & expert Indian musician who is involved in giving the harmony of the various Hollywood movies has been known with the name of A.R.Rahman. The said music director is a costly one as he took some one million American dollars for doing the music of a single Indian as well as Hollywood movie. On the other hand some famous singers are also singing the theme songs for the movies which have been filmed in the United States of America.

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