How To Put Mp4 Movies On Your PSP In 3 Easy Steps

It’s very easy to put MP4 movies onto your PSP. Not only can you play games and listen to music on your PSP, you can also watch your favorite films, movies and music videos. This article shows you how you can put MP4 movies onto your PSP easily.

1. What you need:

a) Your need a Memory Stick Pro Duo formatted by your PSP (with at least 512MB). Some full length movies can take up a lot of memory space so aim to get as much memory as you can afford.

b) Computer or Laptop (An average pc or laptop will do)

c) USB cable, preferably USB 2.0

d) Some MP4 movies or films to put on your PSP device (You can get these from your own DVD collection or you can download from the internet. There are many movie download sites online.)

2. Getting started:

Connect your computer to your PSP using the USB cable and press the ‘X’ on your PSP. Your computer will recognise the new connection and assign it a new removable drive. If this is the first time you’re connecting your pc to your PSP your pc may first install some new drivers to support the connection.

3. Prepare your movies

If you already have the movies on your pc, put them in one folder where you can easily find them. If you don’t already have the Mp4 movies you can download them from the internet. Make sure they are all in MP4 format. There are a number of mp4 movie converters that you can find online. Some are free. Go to any search engine and do a search for mp4 movie converters.

4. Copy the movies and put them on your PSP.

On your computer, browse to the removable USB drive corresponding to your PSP and navigate to the PSP folder. Create a folder called ‘MP_ROOT’ and inside that folder create another folder and name it ‘100MNV01’. This is the folder where you’ll put your mp4 movie files. Now copy the movie files from your computer to the ‘100MN01’ folder on your PSP. The mp4 movie files should be named in the format ‘M4V00000.MP4’ where 00000 can be any number. For example, M4V00001.MP4 or M4V00012.MP4 are fine but M4VJAMESBOND12.MP4 and MyBestMovie.MP4 are not.

5. Watch the Movies on your PSP

First disconnect your PSP from your computer. Then on your PSP navigate to your 100MNV01 folder and select it to display all the movies that you have copied to your PSP. You can now select and watch any mp4 movie you want on your PSP.

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