How Reality TV Has Changed TV Forever

At this point in time, we’re moving beyond the days of sitcoms and comedy shows. We’ve broken the norm, and found our way into the realm of reality television. As viewers, we’ve found a way to peek into the intimate lives of others. How has reality TV changed television forever? There are various reasons as to why it has changed television as we once knew it. Here are a few of the main changes associated with this new genre of entertainment on the silver screen.

People have really begin to crave excitement in their entrainment viewing choices. With the new wave of reality TV shows, there are no scripts, there isn’t any predictability, and the people are 100% real. When viewing this type of show, people enjoy the aspect of not knowing what is going to happen next. With scripted television shows, the viewer can often guess the next move. Now we are able to view people’s most intimate moments from the comfort of our own home. There is a lot of excitement centered around it. You’re never sure what you’re going to get, and its completely real!

People have found themselves much more interested in watching this type of TV, rather than watching a conventional scripted show. Although normal TV has proven to assist those in living in a fantasy, reality television allows people to relate due to its realness. People are able to accept the characters as real people, rather than paid actors and actresses. This makes people expect more from television. It makes them want something that is real.

Reality television offers its viewers more than just a script. A lot of reality TV shows center around winning or obtaining something. This keeps the viewer interested in what the show has to offer. The other form of reality television involves famous people being filmed living their life like the rest of us. This too, draws a lot of active viewers. Reality television is completely different from anything else we’ve ever seen as viewers. It is the future of entertainment.

In the current time, we’re literally watching television transform before our eye’s. Television as we know it has changed so drastically, and reality TV show’s are all the rage. People really enjoy the “what next” aspect of watching real people live their lives. Reality television will continue to transform our viewing, and may eventually rule over traditional television all together. People will always crave excitement and challenge, and reality television gives them just that.

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