How Celebrities Manage Pregnancy Stretch Marks

You see it all too often in celebrity gossip magazine, how this big Hollywood stars almost miraculously wear their bikinis immediately after birth without the slightest trace of a single pregnancy stretch mark.

Of course, everybody from Angelina Jolie to Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes to Courtney Cox have experienced the aftermath of a growing baby bump. Apparently, being a celebrity does not exclude you from suffering from cellulite and other dermatological problems.

However, the secret of their ability to bare their skin quickly is the treatment they choose to address those spider-like lines that has suddenly taken residence on their abdomens. There are various pregnant stretch marks treatments such as laser re-surfacing, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion that claims to treat these marks with ease.

Certainly, Hollywood moms can easily take advantage of these treatments. However, fort he average woman seeking the same thing, these can be very costly therefore out of bounds. Good news is, the application of these various invasive methods for treating pregnancy stretch marks can be completely avoided. Truth be told, celebrity stretch marks treatment also includes application of herbal, topical creams and lotions.

First of, celebrity moms watch their lifestyles very well. Undoubtedly, it plays a major role in shaping your skin. A good lifestyle is the secret to attain a flawless appearance. Prior to developing the pregnancy stretch marks, you should have perfect skin to begin with.

This can be achieved by a combination of a healthy, balanced diet, workouts and proper rest for rejuvenating your skin metabolism. Most celebrities also perform wellness activities – Yoga and aerobics for diminishing stretch marks has seen increasing popularity these days. The instant bikini worthy skin, these celebrities achieve because they maintain a strict skin care regime before, during and, after pregnancy.

Creams & lotions are also deliberately used in Hollywood. Most celebrities use the many topical creams for treating these marks available widely in the market because of their convenience: easy to apply, safe and effective unlike when you go under the knife.

Thing is, it is always advisable to check the ingredients before choosing which cream or lotion you want to use because for one, you will be applying it everyday so you do not want accidents. Pick one that is a recommended brand that is clinically tried and tested to ensure only fast recovery from your pregnancy stretch marks.

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