Hollywood Movies and Character Depictions of Famous Figures in the Bible – A Look at the Movie Noah

It is always interesting to me to see how the left-leaning movie makers and screen writers deal with Biblical re-creations on the Silver Screen. Indeed, I am sure you, like me, have watched a number of such movies during your years here on Earth, and we both know it’s hard to keep everyone happy. There are so many religious organizations which call themselves Christians and they all differ slightly, sometimes greatly, on the interpretations of the Biblical storylines. Let’s talk.

In the movie, Noah came off as a delusional psycho mad man out to murder due to a vision he thought he had and his interpretation of it. Today, we’d jail such an individual, not honor him as some sort of a hero to humanity. Okay so, the question now; was the character in the Bible story supposed to be a psychotic individual? Today, of course, we cannot interview the author of that chapter in the Bible on CSPAN TV Book Review to ask him; “What in the hell (pun intended) were you thinking when you came up with Noah as your main character?”

Seriously, I’d sure like to know after watching Noah at the IMAX, as he was larger than life and really a scary dude. I wondered if I was watching a Science Fiction horror flick of a meaningful biblical movie, no mind I had plenty of time to consider this as the movie was a real ass-flatner at over 2-hours. If you’d like to see the movie, you might want to watch this YouTube Trailer:

“Noah – Official Trailer (2014) [HD] Russel Crowe, Emma Watson,” posted by Film Trailer Station.

And, I guess, you know how the story ends, so there is not a possibility of needing to worry about a “Spoiler Alert Disclaimer” in my article here. We both know as per the story that the boat makes it and the animals too, and I suppose that’s about the same as saying you cannot give away the ending of the Titanic Movie in that the “ship sinks” in the flick.

Nevertheless, in the movie was a scene and tip of the hat to evolution, and a few other changes to make the movie worthy of movie goers and their $8.17 average ticket price here in the USA. But, the movie had to piss off any fundamentalist Christians regardless of the sub-branch religion, and it must have worried non-church goers as to the psycho-Noah played by Russel Crow. Please consider all this and think on it.

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