Grab Your Glow Sticks And Get That Jet Set Body Moving!

The electronic dance scene has taken the world by storm and is causing my fellow Jet Setters around the world to jump (literally) for joy. But, what do you really know about this music? Confession: I didn't know the difference between a dub step and a porch step. Apparently, there is a whole new world out there which is waiting to be embraced!

Why do I even care about this (I hear you quietly saying to yourself)? Great question! Until you've partied (in the VIP section only) with some of these world-famous DJ's, your just not gonna get it. But let's see if we can shed some light on this glow stick world.

Random quiz (only take this quiz if you're over 30 and live in America)

1. What does EDM mean?

2. Who's Avicci?

3. What's a Swedish House Mafia?

OK here are the answers …..

1. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music and rapidly becoming the most popular form of music in the world.

2. Avicci is the hottest DJ in the world who has people like Madonna introducing his sets.

3. Swedish House Mafia is a group of 3 DJ's who just sold out Madison Square Garden.

Most countries have figured out how to celebrate life in a big way but not so much in America. It's not unusual for Kim and I to be in South America and see 3 year olds awake at a party at midnight doing Salsa with their parents. It's also not that unusual to see 65-year old couples partying to DJ's in the South of France. The world 'gets' that life is so short and that we need to let loose and live it!

Twenty year old's in America actually do get this. In fact, last month there was an electronic music festival in Miami called the Ultra Music Festival, which had 160,000 people, mostly 20 somethings, partying for 3 days.

Do you think you're too old for this stuff? If yes, why? I promise you it's totally in your attitude. If you feel that your too old, well, then you are. If you don't, well, then you aren't. It's really as simple as that. For example, Tiesto is 43 and David Guetta 44. Age hasn't affected their street cred one bit!

My goal is to share with you a new world that I have completely embraced for so many reasons. The biggest reason is that it's just a flat-out party that you won't want to end. And let's be honest, the girls who are into this kinda music are pretty easy on the eyes.

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