Go for Low Budget Film

Entertainment should be accepted in all format. Sometimes, a million budget film went unnoticed. Several low budget films have proved successful in Hollywood as well as International cinema. In order to have huge profit Return of Investment (ROI), filmmakers should now focus on producing low budget films. However, making such films need careful attention and planning to meet the International standard and the viral marketing. Quite often, small films could walk the red carpet in International Film festival circuits and proved to be a fortune bag for the producers.

Now decide whether or not you really want to produce a film. Theme and subject should direct you to prepare a nice story. Always prefer the local stories and theme for most of the stories nowadays are often repeated or inspired from one film to another.

To get an idea for your film,it does not even have to be truly original. Your story could be a loose remake or spoof or always use a book as inspiration. When you have a plan, start writing it down, Never disappoint with the progress, No man is perfect, you can’t expect 100 percent satisfaction even from the screenplay of James Cameroon of Titanic and Avatar fame. Since low budget films are the work of every casts and crew, we should story to take help from the artists. Make them prepare their own lines. This would help them to give an error free lines during the shooting phase.

During the pre-production stage, prepare your shot list and draw or create storyboards. This helps you to know what shots you want to have in the film before going out to shoot them. Director of photography or the cinematographer would find the concept very helpful during the shoot. Let the artists rehearse themselves and encourage them to perform their inborn talents in front of the camera.

The post production team needs a really hard work and all your effort will be make or break by these team. And last not the least, you have to do some marketing or publicity. As the trends goes on, low budget films can be made with a tight budget of around US$ 5k-15k.

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