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While sitting in your sofa, and watching television, you soon remember an old friend of yours who love watching that TV show that you are currently watching. You soon wonder about your old friend and reminisce all of your memories together. Now, you wish to see the person again or maybe keep in touch with the person just to feel better knowing that your old friend is doing great.

You started plugging your computer and surf, until you find free white pages, and thought of searching your old friend through it. Yes, there are free ones online. Actually, these are made available for the internet users, whether they wish to search for a person’s address, a person’s email address, phone number or conduct reverse phone lookup. All of these searches can be done online. Besides, internet serves as an enormous marketplace for all of us who seek for products and services.

There are lots of free white pages that you can locate online; there are even best places to get searchable directories. White pages is one of the directories that you can use in USA and Canada, the only difference between the two versions are the ads and color scheme. It allows you to conduct people and business search, email address search, phone number lookup and many more. All you need to do is to enter the name and zip code of the person you are seeking for.

Another white pages directory is BT which offers you to conduct fast search based on the surname and town of the person you are looking for. With your search, you will gain full details of the person’s address and also the map that shows the location of the address. You can make use of BT with England, Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland.

With other countries, another white pages directory that they can use is Numberway, it has several phone book options that where made available for every country.

If you want to do lots of searches with the use of phone numbers, you must add special people search toolbar in your browser in order for you to easily and directly do the searches. You can easily do people search, phone number look up, once the toolbar was installed and you can conduct it for free.

You would think and believe that in order to find free white pages, you need to use Google. If you are seeking for a person, you can see best result by typing in the search box the first name, last name and the address. To see great result, it would be better to use the state or the zip code than using the name of the city.

Yes, if you are seeking for information and want to perform people search, phone number lookup or email search, you can use white pages in gaining what you need. Even in the convenience of your home or office, you can obtain the information that you need. With little of your time, you will gain what you are looking for.

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