DISH Network Satellite TV Receivers – Which One is Best?

DISH Network Satellite TV Receivers

A satellite TV receiver is the electronic box that decodes and sends the satellite signal to your television.

DVR (digital video recorder) satellite TV receivers can also let you record live TV shows, skip through commercials, and pause the show you’re watching so you can get a snack or answer the phone.

Here’s a review of DISH Network satellite TV receivers:

Free DISH Network Satellite TV Receivers

DISH Network offers two free standard receivers:

* The DISH 311 receiver has one tuner for viewing satellite TV programs on one television.

* The DISH 322 receiver has two tuners for independent TV viewing on two separate televisions.

DISH Network offers one free DVR receiver, the DVR 625, that allows you to:

* Pause and rewind live satellite TV programs

* Record a live TV program while you watch a pre-recorded program

* Record up to 100 hours of your favorite shows, sports events, and movies

* Record two programs simultaneously

DISH Network offers one free HD receiver, the VIP211, that lets you:

* Watch programs in SD (standard definition), HD (high definition), and Analog formats

* Listen to your programs in Dolby Digital format

Note: In order to get a free satellite TV receiver you must subscribe to DISH Network’s Programming service. As a subscriber you get up to four free receivers and one satellite dish plus free installation.

DISH Network programming prices start at $19.99 for 40 channels.

Other DISH Network Satellite TV Receivers

Dish Network offers a combination DVR and HD receiver, the VIP622, for $199.99. It allows you to:

* Record to 180 hours of programming in an all-digital format

* Pause, stop, fast forward, and replay TV shows

* Record two TV programs at the same time

* Record a live TV show while watching another live show

* Record two live shows while watching a pre-recorded program

* Watch programs in SD, HD, and Analog formats

* Listen to your programs in Dolby Digital audio

Bottom line

If you want the easiest and most efficient way to record your favorite programs then I suggest getting one of DISH Network’s free DVR recorders. If you want the clearest, most lifelike picture, then a free HD receiver is what you need. And if you want the best of both worlds and don’t mind spending the extra $200, the combination DVR/HD receiver is just the ticket.

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