Comic Books and Graphic Novels Taking Over Hollywood

If you are a movie fan like me than you have probably noticed the upswing in Hollywood studios going to the comic book and graphic novel well for ideas lately. Makes me wonder if the Hollywood studios are just running out of original ideas or are they finally giving credit to the right people. You have to admit some of the biggest blockbuster movies over the last few years have been from the realm of comic books and graphic novels.

Movies like Batman, X-men, 300, Spider Man, Iron Man and the latest Watchmen have all represented the comic book genre very well. There are many more I could mention and a lot more comic books and graphic novel movies that are on the way too. It’s a rich world of characters that really has limitless possibilities proven by the success of the new release the Watchmen. Many people believed that a rich character driven and dark graphic novel like the Watchmen would not have a shot of being made into a movie let alone a successful movie.

Hollywood studios are showing that they now have the technical chops to pull off pretty much anything that a comics book or graphic novel writer can imagine. It does make you wonder though if all the good movie ideas are gone and big wigs in Hollywood are just trolling around comic books and graphic novels to find their next blockbuster movie. Just look up some of the more popular rumors going around the internet lately about which Hollywood Studio is kicking around script ideas to make another comic or graphic novel into a movie. Here are a few examples of what is coming in just the next few years. We have Thor, Green Hornet, The Avengers, Wolverine, Captain America then you have sequels like another Iron Man, Spider Man and of course another Batman eventually.

Is this a good trend in Hollywood or would you say that it’s the beginning of the end of originality in movies? Don’t get me wrong I love every one of those movies I mentioned I will be waiting in line like the other million people to see the next comic book or graphic novel movie. I was just sayin…

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