Body Art Galleries

Getting tattoos has become extremely popular these days. North America alone has over 45 million people that have at least one tattoo. Because of the increasing popularity of tattoos, body art galleries have also become extremely popular. These galleries display all sorts of tattoo designs from ancient to modern, to show the work that is placed on skin. Galleries also show the history of tattooing and the different tribes that have used them in other cultures.

Some tattoo galleries are also called photo galleries as they display some of the work done on Hollywood celebrities such as Christina Ricci and Thomas Lockhart. These galleries not only display the work but will showcase certain tattoo artists that are particularly fine at their craft. Along with that, the gallery may also showcase some of the photographers that have taken these pictures for their unique interpretations of tattoos and the culture from which they come. Some photographers focus on the person who is wearing the tattoo and others focus on just the tattoo. The settings for these photographs are also extremely unique and play a big part in the picture. Some photographers decide to have an extreme, unusual setting for their setting while others decide to go with traditional settings.

The tattoos that are done today are far different from those portrayed in body art galleries. Today people choose to have designs that are special to them or are very modern and they don’t compare to those tattoos found in the jungle or ancient civilizations of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Body art galleries are fascinating places to visit. Although some still feature modern designs, most try to give an understanding of different tattoos and where they came from. These galleries really try to focus on the true art of the tattoo industry.

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