Applying For A Film School

If you want to apply for film school it is important to bear in mind that it is likely to be very competitive. Standing out from the other applicants can be very difficult, so it pays to know what to do. It takes some resourcefulness but the right approach will impress the institution you are applying for.

The first thing you should do is carefully research the school you wish to apply for. While you may want to go for the biggest ones in the local area, they may be outside your budget. If possible try to visit them to see if they suit your individual needs. Some bigger institutions may not necessarily suit you.

It is also worth talking to people who currently study there. You may know them in person or talk to them on a forum or message board. Try and get a range of viewpoints and see if you can gauge an overall point of view rather than one person in particular.

Another thing is the type of skills you have. You may want a broad range of film making skills or prefer a particular specialty such as screenwriting or 3D animation courses. It is generally worth seeing what you particularly enjoy. Given that you will be spending a long time working on this it is best to choose something that you will be prepared to work hard for.

Most schools will ask for a show reel. This is a demonstration of the work you have done. This may be something you have done in a class or in your own free time. If you are truly passionate about film the likelihood is you have made your own. Hopefully you have made enough for a range of material.

The key is to develop this further. Join an acting class or an amateur theatre group. Taking part in acting will help you learn how to work with actors and understand the pressures they are going through. It also helps when writing a script as you will be more aware of how lines are delivered by actors. Hearing work read out loud often makes you realise what works and what does not.

Having interests outside of film will help as well. Volunteering often looks good as well as being part of a group such as an athletics team. This will also help you learn how to socially interact with a group and work together. Make sure you emphasise this in an application!

When choosing a film school make sure you get the application details as soon as possible. Note any deadline for applications and get your entry in long before, bearing in mind the time it takes to get it sent off. However you should also be sure to check it carefully, making sure it is clear and legible with all the information available and a professional looking showreel. While you are looking for a school to improve your skills it is a good idea to do as much as you can for yourself to make sure you get in!

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