Animation Software For Kids – Tips On Choosing The Right One

Any parent who’s taken their child to see any of the latest blockbuster animation movies cannot fail to see their child’s enthusiasm for this wonderful craft…so much so that many kids want to have a go and make their own animations at home.

Trouble is, it’s not always easy to find the right animation software, as most of the professional software out there is just way too complicated (and expensive!) for kids to use.

Therefore, I’ve outlined a few tips below that should help you make your decision and find the best animation software for your child.

Style of Animation

The first question you’ll need to ask yourself is what kind of animation will your child be doing?

Is it cartoony drawn animation or plasticine stop motion animation? Or maybe it’s 3d computer animation in the style of Pixar or Dreamworks?

Each software is designed with a specific style in mind, so make sure you consider this when choosing.

A quick note: While computer animation is super popular these days and the largest part of the modern animation industry, I wouldn’t recommend it for very young children. The software is normally too complicated for young kids and they’re likely to get bored real easy.

It’s therefore better suited to teens and older children or those who already have a good grasp of animation fundamentals.

Age and Experience Level

As mentioned above, your child’s age is a major factor in helping you to make your choice.

For very young children I would recommend an animation software that lets them get hands-on experience as quickly as possible – you don’t want them to have to spend ages on learning how to use the software, because they simply won’t – and they may end up forming a dislike of animation in general if they find it too difficult or boring.

For this reason either a 2d software or a stop motion software is often the best choice as they can do their own drawings or make their own models and get animating straight away.

3d and more complicated softwares are better suited to teens and older children and can be used to help them get a head start on developing future career skills, as there are many economical educational versions of the professional high end softwares.


The final factor you have to consider (and some would say the most important) is the budget you’re willing to spend on animation software for your child.

There are a number of free animation programs out there which are fine for some folks. The only problem is they don’t always have the right kind o support network or customer service that you would get from a paid program.

Most of the best programs can be bought for between $50 – $100, so they’re not particularly expensive, especially when you consider the price of video games today, and the benefit your child will get out of practicing animation.

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