3 Easy-To-Play Christmas Songs For Piano Beginners

Every piano beginner looks forward to a day that all their effort paid off. Learning the simple, easy to play songs could perhaps be the one thing to inspire your learning and aid in expressing your knowledge to family members, friends or at the community mini festive concerts that you’ve at least gotten something out of your practices. You will soon uncover the three simple songs that I personally suggest to my piano students for a festive period like Christmas.

The simple trick to playing any song at the shortest time possible is to play it slow at first and later increase the pace gradually. The suggested Christmas songs in the next paragraphs are no exception. They are simple to play because of the moderate tempo and simple fingering progressions.

So, here’s the catch…

Song One: Silent Night (Classical)

It does not matter how little you’ve gone in your piano training classes before you can play this song at the classical level. They are common songs that you must have heard more than ten – times already. So you now recognize the melody (the important part of every music), and you will simply have to trace it out first and then later test the chord I, IV and V to hear out it match.

Song Two: Away in a Manger

Away in a manger is the second easy song that I know that every piano beginner can play with ease. The two things to do with this piece of song are:

1. Reframe your melody, practice all the running notes and

2. Secondly, apply the chord I, IV, and V in either chord form or arpeggio forms.

Song Three: Auld Lang Syne

This song may not be one hundred percent perceived as a Christmas song – it is traditional. I so much love hearing it during the Christmas period. It is as well easy like other suggested two songs above. Auld Lang Syne tune has already been used with lots of different words lyrics. You can get the music sheets and lyrics by searching the internet, but here’s the tonic sol-fa for you to make use:

s: d:. d. d: m: r:. d. r: m.r d:. d. m: s: l:-:- d: s:. m.m: d: r:. d. r: m.r d:. l.l:s:d:-:- l:s:. m. m: d: r:. d.r:l:s m. m: s:l:-: d’: s:- m. m: d: r: d. r: m.r: d.:l. l: s: d:-:-

Beyond the limits, there are other songs that are relatively easy to play and have fun with it. Here are few of them that you can as well practice:

12 Days of Christmas, All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth, Grandma Got Run Over, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, Silver Bulls, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland.

Even the great pianist played the “Fur Elise” by Beethoven very slowly at first, before taking it up to the full tempo. I know the urge to play quickly just like the tutor, but it’s as well important to play with discipline and patiently approach any piece of music just like A.B.C.

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